The following information is for all shows except Tom's Amazing Cats, which can be set up nearly anywhere.  See our 30 second show setup in the video to the right!

Stage Size

  • The basic stage is a triangle, 14′ wide x 7′ deep x 10' high.
  • A path 3′ wide must be left on all sides.
  • The stage is most often set in a corner of the room with diagonal seating
  • The puppets’ playing floor is 6′ off the actual floor – we do not need or want a raised stage
  • Audience (chairs) to be 10′ back
  • Audience (on floor) to be 15′ back.
  • Remote Lights are placed at the sides of the stage

Additional Staging

  • Some shows use:
    • Video screen & projector (placed to the SL side)
    • Additional set pieces (in front of the stage)

Electrical Requirements

  • 3000 watts at 120Volts AC
  • 2 separate circuits preferred

Loading & Unloading

  • Truck size parking near unloading doors
  • Ice/snow free path
  • Access to ramps/elevators
  • Adult assistance if equipment must be carried up/down stairs

Special Effects

Most shows use some but not all of these:

  • Localized fog
  • Strobe light
  • Video projection
  • Micro pyrotechnics (similar to firework sparklers)
  • Bubbles
  • ”Snow”
  • Live domestic animal(s) - trained housecat and doves (we do not normally allow touching by children)
  • Moving scenery

Health & Safety

  • We meet all known fire codes and carry necessary equipment
  • We hold certificates/licences in first aid and pyrotechnics
  • You are responsible to ensure that the room meets codes

Set-up & Take-Down

  • Set-up is normally 2 hours
  • Take-down (strike) is 1 1/2 hour
  • Most other activities (eg. sports in a school gymnasium) are not possible during this time


  • We normally bring a Bose system and all mics, CD/DVD players, synths and effects needed for the show plus an additional mic for client use
  • A “line out” can be provided.=
  • Larger sound systems for LARGE events can be brought – at additional cost

Room Preparation

  • A darkened room is preferred
  • Please, wait to arrange seating until the performer(s) have arrived