“I have seen a number of T.V.Puppetree performances in the past few years. T.V.Puppetree offer a variety of high calibre shows by a professional puppeteer. Children are captivated by the storyline and become active participants in the performance. Their emotional outbursts are amazingly maintained through the ability of the puppeteer to control the audience.

Special visual and audio high tech effectively contribute to the production.

  • A very entertaining experience – very worthwhile
  • Top notch performances by a truly artistic puppeteer
  • The price is right!” 

-Ed, School Principal


“…wonderful presentation. The content and topic of [the] show were most appropriate for elementary students, and it was professionally presented in every way…the messages…had a great impact and will be remembered for a long time.”

-Bill, School Principal


“The teachers spent almost as much time laughing as the children.” 

-The Toronto Star 


“Puppetry is an especially useful tool in today’s classrooms and libraries where children need to learn how to express their thoughts and feelings. Thank you for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm! As the delegates return to their libraries, the children will benefit from your willingness to share your ideas.”

-Wendy, Convention Organizer