T. V. Puppetree is not a traditional puppet theater; we've paired our creativity and the latest technology to create an experience that brings the magic to you.

Our current roster consists of 6 large shows (including 2 special holiday events) and 1 variety show which can be customized in length and content to the specific audience, occasion and venue. 

Our Large Shows | Audiences of 25 - 200+

Our Variety Show | Audiences of up to 60 

Ages 4-8
Ages 4+

Kids learn the sounds and shapes of letters with fun, lively examples and a troop of 58 puppets.  Our most popular show!

"The whole show was magical. The children really remember the letters and sounds!  We loved it!” - Mrs C, Teacher

Timeless tales for kids of all ages, with up to 4  stories available based on your audience needs.

“Our patrons thoroughly enjoyed your puppets, wacky accents and special effects. From the moment the lights went out and your Hare made his grand entrance, you had the children laughing along with you, talking and generally having a jolly good time."  -Karen, Children’s Programmer

Ages 3-8

What does a moose do for Christmas?Bruce averts a near-disaster in this humorous seasonal story.

"Both the children and adults enjoyed your show very much, Your puppets are enchanting. Thank you once again for a most delightful and entertaining morning, and we hope that we will have the pleasure of a return visit." - Frances, Librarian

Ages 3-8
Ages 3-9

Teddy bear wishes he were scarier and not quite so cute in this fun musical which addresses Halloween safety.

“Some of the kids are still insisting that I take them down to the room where you did the show to look for the Teddy!”  - Rachel, Teacher

Who will help the Little Red Hen with all the work as her wheat grows? 

“Many parents and their children commented on your entertaining show and all the funny characters. The children truly enjoyed the Little Red Hen on the tractor and the real smoke. .. we look forward to seeing you and your puppet troop again”.  -Gail, Librarian

Kids help teddy solve a mystery while learning about curiosity, imagination and friendship. 

“High quality entertainment for youngsters. The show is designed to capitalize on short attention spans, silly humour and the innate comfort and likeability of teddy bears. In short a special treat for little people”.  -City Parent Magazine

Tom's Amazing Cats is T.V. Puppetree's current variety show, designed to be ultra-portable, performed in a diverse variety of spaces, and easily customized to meet the needs and interest of your audience. 

Focused on the antics of 3 wily cats, one a thief, one a magician and one a little bit lazy, this show works for birthday parties, small venues, and even senior citizens facilities.

Tom's Amazing Cats may include:

  • Magic
  • Music
  • Audience Participation
  • Live Animals (cat and bird)
  • And of course, puppets!

“My kids were so excited! They told their parents all about it! Especially Bandit! Who is almost as funny as you! Thanks again.” - Lisa, Librarian