Causes & Charities

Artists are among the most generous “givers” in the world;

we like to think we are no exception.


T.V.Puppetree makes monthly cash donations to the  the Alzheimer’s Society and the humane society. All of the live animals we use in our shows are rescues (or in the case of the doves – offspring of rescues) who likely would have been euthanized otherwise; our retired performing animals live out the rest of their natural lives with us. Please do not ask us for cash donations or to buy “advertising” in charity publications.


Artistic Director, Tom Vandenberg participated in “Cops for Cancer” (actually a bad name since they are really not in favour of Cancer! HaHa) at Yorkdale Mall on  the afternoon of April 13th 2013.

Money raised will go towards research into cancer and patient support. Here’s your chance to laugh at him for something other than puppets –


T.V.Puppetree has always tried to be “green”; that’s the “tree” in our name. Our show “Too much Garbage” was created with the direct cooperation of the (then) leadership of Earth Day Canada. Internally we shifted to re-cycled paper products years before it was readily available. We are also completing a rather expensive and intensive 3-year program of power-use reduction “at home” and “on the road” including new all LED lighting which uses 10% of the power of equivalent traditional stage lighting (less than your normal room lighting in most cases!)


We do a limited number of benefit performances per year. To qualify the booking organization must:

  1. Be a registered Canadian charity.
  2. NOT be a school (Public, Separate or Private), Daycare, Faith Group or “Arts” group/event. This would be a conflict of interest for us. This applies both to internal performances and fund-raising events. If you fall into one of these categories please don’t ask us to make an exception; we can’t and won’t.
  3. Book early. All the non-monetary clauses in our standard contract apply. The number of benefit performances is LIMITED!
  4. Be in the Greater Toronto Area. We will go further afield but travel fees would apply.
  5. Treat our performers with respect and decency (sadly this has not always been the case in the past).

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