Q. Where do you perform?
A. Almost anywhere! We regularly perform live at schools, public libraries, senior facilities, theatres, malls, public events, holiday parties, birthday parties, churches, temples, mosques, etc.
We tape/film both in studio and on location. 

Q.  How long in advance do I have to book?
A. We book strictly first come, first served.

You may book weeks, months or even a year in advance; and many clients do. Advance booking gives you a much better choice of dates and times.

We do accept “rush” bookings, sometimes even for the following day, if the desired time is available. Unfortunately it often is not and you may have to accept a second or third choice.

Q. What are my payment options?
A. We accept cash, check, and credit/debit card.  Upon booking you will receive a contract and invoice.  Payment is expected upon completion of services.   Special bookings may require a deposit.
Q. Can I book a show outside of your normal travel area?
A.  Yes, but we will charge a travel fee, and, in the case of countries outside of the US, Canada and the EU, require assistance with the necessary visas. 
T.V. Puppetree has performed shows around North America and the world, and will negotiate the details of bookings outside of the Toronto - Detroit - Chicago corridors on an inquiry basis.

Q. Can you accomodate special needs?

A. We’ll do our best to help:

For the hearing impaired:

  • We can patch a phonic ear/FM system to our sound system
  • We can accommodate a sign interpreter
  • Tom has worn a hearing aid in the past and has no reservation discussing this with curious children

For the visually impaired:

  • We allow these children (and only these children) to “see” the puppets up-close with their hands after the show

Please inform us if you have:

  • Epileptic audience members
  • People with severe allergies to cats, fur, feathers, smoke or airborne particulates
  • Children with extreme fears

You will find that many children with developmental difficulties, autism or emotional problems respond very well to the shows, often surprisingly so.

Q. Can a show be altered to suit our needs?

A. Sometimes.

Shows that consist of two or more stories and variety shows can be shortened; shows with a single story cannot.

The material in the shows is age appropriate as stated and cannot be substantially altered without significant additional cost.

The shows are currently performed in English only.


Q. Can we take photos? Videos? Sound recordings?

A. You or invited press people may take all the still photos, film or digital, of the show that you wish.  You will need permission to take the pictures of the audience.   

Common courtesy dictates that photographers not block the audience's view or use flash towards the audience, especially in a darkened room.

Images of the puppets remain the copyright property of T.V. Puppetree.

You may not take moving images (film, video or digital) or sound recordings without becoming a signatory to the appropriate SAG-AFTRA agreement and paying the SAG-AFTRA rate.


Q. What happens after the show?

A. After school shows we will happily conduct a question and answer session, time permitting.  After public shows the cast is generally available for informal questions and greetings.   


Q. What is your cancellation/postponement policy?

A. Whether a signed contract is in place or not, our cancellation policy is in effect, as follows:

  • Cancellation 15 days or more in advance – NO charge
  • Cancellation LESS than 15 days in advance – FULL payment
  • Postponement 24 hours or more in advance OR due to weather, police action, infection lockdown, building issues or similar BUT BEFORE we’ve left home base – NO charge beyond original fee (we allow two postponements per booking, thereafter 50% additional fee is added
  • Postponement due to weather, police action, infection lockdown, building issues or similar after we’ve left home base – TRAVEL FEE added to original fee plus taxes (this would be calculated based on how far we’ve actually traveled at the time)
  • Postponed show, subsequently cancelled, regardless of when – FULL payment

T.V. Puppetree reserves the right to cancel/postpone shows at any time for reasons of weather, road/flight conditions or performer illness – there will be NO charge.

T.V. Puppetree reserves the right to cancel/postpone shows at any time, if the show(s) cannot be safely loaded/unloaded, set up and/or performed, and may charge the Travel Fee only.   Examples of this include but are not limited to:

  • Ice or mud around loading doors
  • Stairs (without reasonable assistance in unloading/loading)
  • Strong seafood odours (life threatening-allergy)

Obviously, if the unsafe condition can be rectified, a show may still start late – NO additional charge – but will start.