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At TV Puppetree, we are very proud in what we do and always appreciate the great feedback we get from audiences, event organizers, libraries, teachers, and fellow artists and performers.  Take a look, with over 40 years of experience in the industry, we really know what we are doing!


“I have seen a number of T.V.Puppetree performances in the past few years. T.V.Puppetree offer a variety of high calibre shows by a professional puppeteer. Children are captivated by the storyline and become active participants in the performance. Their emotional outbursts are amazingly maintained through the ability of the puppeteer to control the audience.

Special visual and audio high tech effectively contribute to the production

  • A very entertaining experience – very worthwhile
  • Top notch performances by a truly artistic puppeteer
  • And the price is right” Ed (principal)


“Thank you!! The Children loved the show! Darlene” (Headmistress)


“L**** said he liked the show and it was funny. The kids had a blast! Take Care!” Jennifer (Mom)


“Too Much Garbage” is also a “…wonderful presentation The content and topic of (the) show were most appropriate for elementary students, and it was professionally presented in every way…the messages…had a great impact and will be remembered for a long time.” Bill (principal)


“Thanks again for an amazing party for A****” Dimitri (Dad)


“thank you for everything you do to make MuslimFest extra special for our youngest patrons. MuslimFest just wouldn’t be the same without the three of you” Lina Rahman (Director people management)


“Wonderful Show” Mai (librarian)


“Thank you very much for presenting the “Alphabet Show” to the students at O****. The Children loved the show ! Thank you for bringing the alphabet to “life”” Miss Y**** (teacher)


Tom, many thanks again for a great show” Patricia (program development coordinator)


“We enjoyed your puppets, your information and your songs!” Tammy (teacher)


“My kids were so excited! They told their parents all about it! Especially Bandit (the cat)! Who is almost as funny as you! Thanks again” Lisa (teacher)



“ The Teddy Bear Show is a one man, one puppet show starring puppeteer Tom Vandenberg – whose long career includes work with Fraggle Rock and the Muppets – and an adorable Teddy Bear – who is just gentle and mischievous enough to delight his very young audience members… high quality entertainment for youngsters. The show is designed to capitalize on short attention spans, silly humour simple concepts like imagination and friendship and the innate comfort and likeability of teddy bears. In short a special treat for little people” newspaper review in CITY parent. The initial sentence is not entirely accurate as there are multiple puppets and the work of many people in the show. The cat puppets looked great and manipulated with skill. The show was well received by the audience” Blair (librarian)


“Alphabet puppet show. The whole show was magical. The children really remember the letters and sounds! The Z song was ‘catchy’. The dove and goldfish tricks were absolutely ‘astounding’. We loved it” Mrs C***** (teacher)


“You’re a talented and professional performer” Diana (producer Muppets)


“I would like to thank you for the professional puppet presentation you staged for my client…You were very well received considering the large room size and the group of over 1400 people. The show was very entertaining to me and suitable for children and adults alike” Nick (agent)


Thank you whole-heartedly for your contribution and commitment to bringing important environmental messages to our children. Your presentation was entertaining, informative and had, I believe, the impact to leave key ideas in our thoughts for a long time. Unanimously, your visit was appreciated by the staff at M**** and the children continue to talk about the play and its messages” Jane (teacher)


“The Teachers spent almost as much time laughing as the children” newspaper review in The Review


Thank you for inspiring, reminding and entertaining D**** people. R**** from O**** and D**** from N****, both raved over your performances at their schools – and asked me to consider doing a “central Booking” thing again next year. Well done, Tom” Rita (teacher/librarian)


“Just wanted to call to say that you were really, really wonderful, this morning. It was great to hear those children laughing in our chapel. We don’t have a lot of laughing in our chapel so I think you did something for the overall atmosphere in here and everyone was everyone was really impressed with your performance” Patricia (funeral director by phone)


“Thanks for giving us the chance to see your show. Beatrix Potter stories are one of my favorites We enjoyed the show immensely and so did the children who were all around us” Maureen & John (puppeteers and retired teacher/librarians)


“The staff is still talking about your wonderful production & the children are still singing the Otter’s song” Penny (teacher)


“An excellent show! We like your puppets…We had a great time.” Miss L****’s class and Ms. V****’s class


“we loved the performance” “the primary division”


“ I am positive that the children loved the show” Lisa (librarian)


“Once again, thank you so very much for a wonderful performance. The students and teachers really enjoyed it. Hope to see you again in the future” Tina (teacher/librarian)


“I heard excellent comments from the other teachers. Please let me know what you’ll be presenting next year so that we may book you again” Yvonne (teacher)


“Thank you for the spectacular performance of “Bruce, the Christmas Moose”. The program was a grand success, Both the children and adults enjoyed your show very much, Your puppets are enchanting. Thank you once again for a most delightful and entertaining morning, and we hope that we will have the pleasure of a return visit” Frances (librarian)


“some of the kids are still insisting that I take them down to the room where you did the show to look for the Teddy” Rachel (teacher)


“Your work demonstrates indisputably the therapeutic effects of laughter. We needed that – it’s a difficult time of year! You’d better come every year!” staff & students


“ Tom, They loved you” Colleen (board arts consultant)


“thank you for your terrific performance of Aesop’s Fables. It was, as usual, an enjoyable presentation. Please let me know when your new show is ready” Margaret (librarian)


“the performance was delightful” Laurie (librarian)


“Your talents and expertise entertain, inspire and motivate your audience” Janice (conference organizer)


“your delightful presentations have become a traditional part of our yearly Theatre Fun for Kids Program. I look forward to continuing our partnership in providing quality entertainment for our Community” Dianne (Parks & Rec program Coordinator)


“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed thanks” Olga (librarian)


“What a neat way to make a living!” Kathy (audience member)


“Children deserve to be happy and you indeed make them so” Louise (festival organizer)


“Peace and Love” Jim Hensen (puppeteer)


“They were very pleased with your show & said the kids really enjoyed it. They also mentioned that you were ‘good guys to deal with’” Jennifer & John (agents)


“enriching, educational and fun. A**** has been rewarded bty the quality of your presentation” Jan & Jeane (coordinators)


“Many parents and their children commented on your entertaining show and all the funny characters. The children truly enjoyed the Little Red Hen on the tractor and the real smoke. Clearly you have put much thought and effort into planning and creating such a wonderful portrayal of real animals for your puppet show…we look forward to seeing you and your puppet troop again” Gail(librarian)


“ Thank you for putting on such a superbe performance which was so well suited for the young audience” May (teacher)


“Your show was a huge crowd pleaser” Jaqueline (senior librarian)


“Nothing can compare to the wonder on the children;s faces as they looked in awe after each puppet came out and they witnesses some illusion” Randie (librarian)


“The event was a great success despite the hot and humid weather and your perseverance certainly kept spirits high.” Carol (committee chair)


“Our patrons thoroughly enjoyed your puppets, wacky accents and special effects. From the moment the lights went out and your Hare made his grand entrance, you had the children laughing along with you, talking and even shouting out warnings to your characters and generally having a jolly good time. I myself appreciated the fact that you made yourself available for questions after” Karen (children’s programmer)


“Thank you for sharing the wonder of your show with our A*** students, Thanks! All the kids at A***”


“You make it very “accessible” and achievable to have the children encounter and experience culture…Our best to you as you continue to share your valued medium with the children of our land” Beth (teacher)


“it was a fantastic performance. Your puppets and the voices you used for them were wonderful. We will definitely be inviting you back to our school” Mrs B*** (teacher)


“My daughter loved your show and we’ll certainly recommend you” Ellen (Mom)


“Puppetry is an especially useful tool in today’s classrooms and libraries where children need to learn how to express their thoughts and feelings. Thank you for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm! As the delegates return to their libraries, the children will benefit from your willingness to share your ideas” Wendy (convenor)


“On sharing our feelings about your production, we really enjoyed the puppetry, learning how they work, relating to the tunes and valued the story about co-operation and helping each other. The best part was making us laugh” Mrs. O**** (teacher)


“It was very entertaining but also very informative, We will recommend it to other schools in our system” Dina (teacher with unbelievably gorgeous handwriting!)


“Too Much Garbage. The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the show. I particularly enjoyed your combined use of puppets and television media. It was well done. Any opportunity to reinforce the environmental concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle are valuable, both to our students and our society” John (teacher, natural science school)

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