About Us Can we be of service to you?

Are you looking for a show for your school? Your birthday party? Your Christmas Function? A workshop? Television? Just tickets to a show for you and your children? We’d love to serve you.

Artistic Director/performer, Tom Vandenberg, has worked for the Muppets and has been performing live and for the camera forĀ 40 years. In April 2001 he was awarded the Mississauga Arts Council’s prestigious Established Theatre Artist of the Year Award in a gala ceremony.

Composer/arranger Bill Martin supply’s original digital music for the shows. Puppet mistress Clasien Vandenberg provides many of the charming original puppets with both skins and clothing. Other “guest” artists like award-winning animator Kaj Pindal, directors Ned Vucovic, Roseann Wilshere and Fran Achinelli, voice artists/singers DJ Subliminal and Pat Lewis and writers AEsop and Beatrix Potter have all contributed to various productions. Aren’t these the kind of people whose work you want your children to see, enjoy and learn from?

Their efforts are supported and enhanced with some of the best small theatre technology available. This allows us to produce images not otherwise possible. It also means that the audience can see and hear the shows. We even have special hook-ups available for the hearing impaired who use a “phonic ear”/FM system (on request).

Yes, considerable effort and resources go into preparing but we keep overhead, administration and promotional costs to a minimum, so that excellence can be delivered to you at a very reasonable cost.

702 E Lake St